Thursday, April 28, 2011


As I've already mentioned, I got lots of things done during my Easter vacation. Here's another one... getting an eyelash perm. Months ago, I made my first ever purchase on Groupon. I blame our intern. "Are you registered with Groupon?" he asked. "Yes, but only out of professional interest. I've immediately filtered those daily e-mails to bypass my inbox ." As we were talking, I idly clicked on the "shopping" label of my GMail account to check what deals I'd been missing out on. Only to discover that one of the two day's specials was an eyelash perm. How cool! I'd always wanted to look into a method of having my ugly superstraight "pigs' yelashes" stay curled for a longer time than my Shu Uemura eylash curlers achieve. For a mere € 12,90 it was worth giving it a try. I bought a voucher and printed it out. Last week, the time had come to redeem it. In order to show the success, I've made some before and after pictures - close-ups in relentless details, so please forgive unplucked eyebrows, huge pores, oily skin and crow's feet reminiscent of a 90-year old. On all of these pictures I'm wearing no make-up whatsoever and of course no mascara either:
See what I mean with pigs' eylashes?

Nicely curled now.
And again from the other side.

The curl lasts one natural life-cycle of an eyelash. The procedure is completely painless if not exactly easy on impatient people like me. I've never had a real (as in: for the hair on my head) perm, nor my hair professionally died, so I don't know how long this takes, but it is definitely not the most pleasant of sensations to be told to keep your eyes firmly shut for more than 45 minutes. The two 20-minute intervals for the different potions to work their miracle seemed like an eternity and it is strange to have to wait without being able to look at a watch. It was definitely worth it and I'm happy with the result and the fact that for once I wake up with curled eyelashes.


Anonymous Martin said...

looks great! glad that you didn't regret it.

best wishes,
the ex-intern ;)

4/29/2011 09:01:00 AM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Haha - glad you approve! ;-))

4/29/2011 09:42:00 AM  

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