Saturday, April 09, 2011

Paying for Kangaroos

When I mentioned I was flying to Dublin at last Saturday's Tupperware party, Amica and her husband sighed wistfully and said they were looking forward to revisiting Dublin for their tenth wedding anniversary (they got married in Dublin). On a whim, I packed a padded envelope with her address and decided to send a symbolic "CARE package" to Amica. There's a little post office counter in the SPAR supermarket right next to the office and I dashed out on Tuesday morning to drop it there. Remembering the postage in Ireland being slightly lower than in Austria, I found the amount rather hefty and thought that raised postage fees must obviously put another strain on the recession-hit Irish. It was not until yesterday, when I emptied my wallet of receipts that gave the An Post receipt a closer look. I had paid for postage to AustrALia. Had I been in the U.S. or anywhere else outside Europe this would have been expected behaviour and I would have added "EUROPE" underneath. Mental note: always check your receipts on the spot. The good thing is that Amica got the envelope yesterday so I definitely can't complain about slow delivery. 

Well, happy to have helped the Irish economy anyway :-)


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