Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Profit Margin

Sometimes (very rarely, of course) I buy things that I do not absolutely need. Such as overpriced bottles of mineral water, apparently. Well, a while ago, I saw a picture of a limited edition Evian bottle*  designed by Issey Miyake in an Austrian magazine which claimed that you could get it at two supermarkets in Vienna, Meinl am Graben and the new(ish) BILLA corso (where I get a Henry takeaway lunch at least once a week) at Herrnhuterhaus. I ended up buying it for, cough, € 4,99 at BILLA as it cost - hold on tight - € 9,99 at Meinl. Yes, double the already extravagant price. Talking about profit margins!

* Before you think I have gone completely gaga - I am not in the habit of buying bottled water in the EUR 5 price range, but I really coveted the bottle as a vase substitute


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