Saturday, March 12, 2011

Have I Jinxed It?

I had planned a post on March 16, a month before my planned two-week-trip to Japan, on how I was counting the days. What with yesterday's massive earthquate and tsunami, it's a different story and several people asked me yesterday if my travel plans were affected. In fact, I got an e-mail yesterday by where I ordered (and already received from) my Japan Rail Pass voucher a month or so ago, asking whether I wanted to cancel my order:
At that stage it had not even occurred to me to cancel my holiday, only to modify the planned route, depending on the condition of train tracks in the North. Having worked with "the Japanese" for 9 years, I know how stubbornly efficient they can be and so my trust in immediate rebuilding of infrastructure was not shaken a bit. I'm a lightening-doesn't-strike-twice kind of person and don't really see a point of being afraid of something that happened in the past.

What with news of an explosion and pending nuclear meltdown in the Fukushima nuclear power plant I'm not so sure anymore. I definitely do not want to spend my vacation in a radioactive environment, thanks, but no thanks.

I have not talked to MM, my travel companion, yet, but decided that Japan won't run away after all and cherries will probably blossom next year as well, so whatever happens, it's hardly a catastrophe for us, whereas those poor people immediately affected would be more than happy to have nothint more to worry about than disrupted holiday plans.

It may sound stupid, but I've had a foreboding that something was bound to happen to burst my bubble of giddy excitement. I've been looking forward to this holiday SO much ever since I booked my flight and literally been counting the days. What with the recent death-streak in my family, I'd rather been afraid of health-related issues and not really thought of natural disasters. Believe it or not, I've even packed (!) half of my suitcase, although I should explain that these items are all clothes I decided to leave in Japan after wearing them in order to create space in my baggage for items purchased there.

"There's more than a month yet" has become my mantra.


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