Sunday, February 27, 2011

...and here's the verdict

Well, you know it wouldn't take me long to satisfy my curiosity, didn't you? Yesterday when I saw my Mum off at Meidling train station (she had spent a night in Vienna after the funeral on Friday) I popped into McD there and sampled a lemon and raspberry mccaron (two of 4 flavours they had) for €0,89 each. Honestly, they are nothing to write home about and what characterises them most is that they are a) chewy and b) extremely sweet. There's none of the usual brittleness and "vulnerability" of high-quality macarons as these are very dense and also hardly taste of almonds at all. The yellow colouring is also very much in your face and more reminiscent of mango than lemon.
Nice idea, but I'll definitely stick to their cookies where the chewiness is actually a good thing.


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