Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Just to Make You Jealous...

...I'll show you where I had the privilege to ski last week:

Isn't that a gorgeous sight? All pictures were taken with my mobile phone, but I think they suffice to illustrate just how perfect the (all natural) snow and weather were. Who knew that a German mountain would turn out to be skiing paradise. Austrians tend to be very arrogant and patriotic when it comes to their national slopes and with the exception of Swiss and French ski resorts assume that all other slopes can only be inferior. There aren't that many lifts, nor super-challenging slopes, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Zugspitze. The great snow and the good rental skis made me feel like a skiing goddess. We (=the Gazelle, her boss, Karel and I ) took the very last lift up to the top as we all wanted to enjoy it until the last minute. By then, we were truly knackered and I, who had claimed that she didn't understand how people could get sore muscles from skiing, only after the lunch-break felt like a 90-year-old when she climbed down the stairs to the dining room the morning afterwards.


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