Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like Me. Only Slightly More Pink

Next week, my goddaughter is celebrating her 4th birthday. I asked Frida, her mother, if she would like a Barbie doll (a coveted item when I was that age but my mother disapproved of Barbies...until she gave in, later). After some online research and persusal of the many bride and princess reincarnations of our favourite peroxide-blond friend, I decided to promote an image of the self-sufficient career woman and order "computer engineer Barbie" instead. Apart from glittery leggins and pink glasses, she comes with a bluetooth headset, a laptop and smartphone. She looks business, eh?
I showed her to my boss (known to be quite partial to blonde women of a Barbie BMI) and he was impressed. Well, I guess it's the kind of present not only girls of all ages covet...


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