Saturday, December 18, 2010

Right on Track

I recently stumbled upon some pictures on my SD card that I had meant to share with you ages ago and which are both train-related. One of them is a picture of the "Museum of Revolution", the former 20er Haus right behind the temporary Ostbahnhof "building". When I passed it early morning in my taxi to the airport (when I was flying to Manchester last month) it looked like a socio-realist postcard in the dawn:Ostbahnhof (onemorehandbag)
Also last month, the Book Club convened in Krems, where we were served a delicious Thanksgiving dinner by B1, and where we travelled by train. We were treated to snippets of invaluable local information by S1, such as that Tulln is famous for its sugar beets. Yay, there's whole wagonfuls of the big tubers:
Tulln (onemorehandbag)


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