Saturday, November 06, 2010

New in Town

I still owe you the photos of the opening of the new talk-of-town grocery store: BILLA Corso at Hoher Markt which- needless to say - I checked out the very day it opened (Oct. 29), when these pictures were taken. It's where the big Frünkranz flagship store used to be and possibly the biggest and fanciest BILLA supermarket ever:

The big USP besides the grand location is the eat-in (very limited space) or take-out stuff by "Henry" which allegedly is part of the Do&Co empire:
I don't usually like cupcakes and actually only bought the above specimen for photo purposes, sharing half of it with my boss. Wrong move! I regretted not eating all of it, as it was lovely and fluffy and with a delicious raspberry filling, not the sickeningly sweet dense dough topped with even sweeter butter-cream I'd so far associated with the cupcakes genre. 

The sandwich was very tasteful, too and almost of UK standards. Everyone who has ever experienced the sad excuses for sandwiches you can normally get in Austria knows what I mean.

Yesterday, the Empress and I tried some of their hot dishes and it was very good, if pricey. If you don't want to eat out of a paper box and with plastic cutlery then I would recommend the takeout version.

Drinks in the "Henry" section are of the fancy Bionade and Vitamin Water variety.


Anonymous frequent flyer said...

I don't think Henry's is pricey at all!

11/06/2010 12:48:00 PM  

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