Monday, November 01, 2010


Last Monday, I arrived at the KLU-based tyre place of my choice, fully expecting a queue because of the annual winter tyre obligation as of November 1. All I can say is that it was just as well I had taken Sophie Kinsella with me for company. I arrived at 08:14 and left at 11:27. It was two-tiered madness! By the time I had reached the actual (work)shop, my bladder was bursting and I was thankful for the offerings of the coffee dispensing machine, grabbing a cocoa to warm my fingers. There went my plans to go downtown in the morning as I had promised to be back in time for lunch at 12:00. I'm sure the Carinthin economy will take a while to recover from those lost profits. Well, with the exception of the tyre shop, obviously.
tireless queue (onemorehandbag)
Note to self: try to get an appointment at my Toyota dealer instead next October.


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