Friday, November 05, 2010

Meet & Greet

Yesterday, I met my Australian "fan"   (hereinafter to be referred to as MAF) for lunch. Mademoiselle had kindly arranged the meeting and shown her pictures of me so the date would only be "half-blind". Great minds think alike and so we had both arrived with a small bag. I had sewed a little "merchandising item" with logo and MAF got me a super cute manga-style zippered pouch:
gift exchange (onemorehanbag)
When I left the office my colleagues wanted to know why I wasn't joining them for lunch. "I'm meeting an Australian "fan" (*mimics quotation marks with her fingers*) for lunch", I said. "Whoa", the Scholar said - jokingly- "make sure to meet at a public place, what if she turns out to be a he and he's a stalker?" I assured them that chances of me being lured into a dark alley and be chopped up into little bite-sized pieces were quite slim and they shouldn't chill the champagne yet.

Well, it was a brief but lovely meeting and I hope to get the chance for a longer one next time she will be...erm...what's the opposite of "down under"...up over?


Blogger Unknown said...

Sounds like the wicked life of a celebrity...

11/05/2010 09:03:00 AM  

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