Tuesday, November 02, 2010


On Friday afternoon, I saw a missed call from Chiquita on my mobile phone display. When I called her back, she said she had just!been!to!Louis!Vuitton!to!buy!a!Speedy! As she was still in the vicinity of both the LV store and my office, I told her to drop by to show me the booty. La bella Chiquita with her pride & joy:
Chiquita and her pride and joy (onemorehandbag)Birthday money well spent.

Not that I ever doubted it (well, then again, she DOES like running and going to the gym), but there's no denying our blood-ties. The handbag-gene is obviously quite dominant.

By the way - favourite takeaway from my Japanese course so far: the word kaban, Japanese for handbag. Call me "Kaban-Chan"...


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