Friday, September 03, 2010

Lethal. Well, Almost

WARNING: If you come across this innocent looking box of vegan and gluten-free cookies, give them a wide berth. Seriously. 
deadly cookies (onemorehandbag)Last Saturday, MC showed me her old hunting grounds, which included a "Planet Organic" store where she loved to eat and shop. We weren't yet in lunch-mode, but decided to stop for a tea and cookies. The above cookies cost almost 4 GBP and contained 5 individually wrapped biscuits. MC was about to tear the wrapper off hers when I stopped her, having just taken a bite of mine. She took a bite and was just as disgusted as I was. We both agreed that they tasted of a very potent kind of bleach or nail polish remover. I'm not exaggerating. We half expected our stomachs to disintegrate. I have no idea whether they had just gone off and hence gave off this utterly revolting taste, or were supposed to taste like that. In the latter case, who are these people who actually like such cookies?


Anonymous alcessa said...

Haven't seen them before but after a look at the package and after having read about your experience ...

I suggest they put "No Cookies" on the box, too...

9/03/2010 09:40:00 AM  

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