Sunday, September 21, 2008

Country Wedding

Book Club Wedding (onemorehandbag)
Bad (and I mean bad) weather aside, K's wedding reception (the - registry - wedding itself had taken place the day before in Vienna with only immediate family present) at the idyllic location of Niedersulz museum village was great. I loved the bride's outfit and picture-perfect wedding cake. For the second time since FCN's wedding in September '05 (another rainy and cold September wedding) I had attended the wedding of a friend who's not Austrian but who got married in her adopted country and chose a quintessentially Austrian venue. S1 (top left picture) looked the part in a dirnd-with-a-modern-twist and matching jewellery.

On the way to the Weinviertel province, I realised just how ugly the northermost districts of Vienna are and what an industrial wasteland its adjacent suburbs. My German passengers were just as appalled by the lack of scenery and relieved when green fields appeared on the horizon, alternatingly decorated with oil derrics and wind turbines. I was reminded of Indien, a popular Austrian film set in Lower Austria.


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