Monday, September 01, 2008

happiness in a bottle

What a comforting sight:
innocent (onemorehandbag)An Innocent delivery van (UK license plate and all!) spotted on a Viennese street. I don't know if their smoothies are available where you live or whether you are a poor innocent-deprived creature, but believe me, these are pretty addictive concoctions. I discovered them some years ago on a visit to London and after the first hit was hooked. They don't come cheap, though, so when I spotted several varieties of innocent smoothies readily available in the fridges at the Firm's Dublin office, I couldn't believe my luck and almost OD-ed on them.

Since last year Innocent smoothies - and smoothies only, i.e. no lovely vanilla thickies - have been available in selected supermarkets and Starbucks outlets in Vienna, so Austrians have at last become smooth(ie) operators!


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