Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Southern Comforts

Three random observations about life in KLU:
1) Everyone aged between 1 and 100 wears Croqs in loud colours. Whether this has to do with the fact that the first flagship store opened in Klagenfurt long before anyone in Vienna had heard of those shoes, or whether Carinthians just prefer comfort over style, I don't know.
2) People are very chatty and shop assistants often engage you in conversation. Admittedly it's often just small talk and platitudes, but there's still a big difference to your typical borderline hysterical American cashier who gives you a dazzling smile and shouts "I loooooooove your jewellery!!!!" only to switch off the smile after 2 seconds and turn to the next customer.
3) Prices in cafés and restaurants are very moderate compared to Vienna. Frida and I went to the current hotspot, the Sunset Club (see photo below) the other night and ordered the "sunset salad" for €7,50, assuming it would leave plenty of space for a panna cotta. Not so. Neither of us could even think of dessert after an enormous bowl of (good) salad.

sunset at the lake (onemorehandbag)


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