Saturday, August 16, 2008

and that's exactly why handbags are a girl's best friend

Oh, the irony of it! But let's begin at the beginning. The weather was acting up yesterday and so I didn't go swimming. Instead, I visited 2 exhibitions and then went home, looking forward to spending the rest of the afernoon reading in the hammock. I was in the mood for a new glossy mag and - it being a holiday - set out to cycle to the petrol station to buy one. I grabbed my wallet and contemplated taking a small handbag for storing said wallet, my mobile phone and keys, then decided against it, stuffing the phone into the back pocket of my jeans and the keys ito the right hip pocket. The wallet I held in my hand. Just as I had bought the magazine and was about to mount my bike, my mobile rang. It was my dad who said they had just crossed the German-Austrian border and were on their way. When I got home, there were no keys. Oh-oh. I knew I couldn't have accidentally chucked them out while taking out my phone as they were in separate pockets. They must have just fallen out. Damn! I suspected a certain spot where I had to drive over the curb and felt a noticeable bump. Slightly panicky, I retraced my steps four times, both on bike and on foot. I even cycled to the police station to leave my details, knowing that they were not really in charge of lost property. The police officer on duty was nice enough to humour me and promised to e-mail the information to all the other stations in case somebody turned them in to another police station. Back home, I cycled to the petrol station once more before I gave up and waited for my parents arrival on the steps in front of our house, reading my magazine and feeding the Beast Sheba from the tin (bought at the railway station BILLA that's open every day of the week). I had just returned from another walk to the petrol station accompanied by my Mum when the waitress of the restaurant next to the petrol station whom I'd left my telephone number with called to say somebody had found it. Hurray! I was incredibly relieved and walked returned to retrieve my keys from there, willing to give a reward to the nice finder. He had already left so I just thanked her and vowed NEVER TO LEAVE HOME WITHOUT A HANDBAG EVER AGAIN!


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