Thursday, September 18, 2008

Expedition to Antarctica

...also known as choosing your outfit for a wedding reception taking place in the coldest September since 1931. The folks at ORF are not promising a miracle, either:

forecast (onemorehandbag)Something tells me that the word "Schneefallgrenze" does not agree with the strappy silk dress I had in mind. Ah well, I suppose I'll have to resort to what my Mum calls the "onion technique", i.e. piling on layers upon layers.

I am so not turning up in a fleece jumper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, only it's a 30th-birthday party.
I even bought a dress to wear it for that occasion (I wear dresses, like, 2 twice a year) and now I wonder whether I should wear my winter jacket and warm boots with it :-(

9/18/2008 08:02:00 PM  

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