Friday, September 19, 2008

Exercising Restraint

Like every year, I am determined not to turn up the heating in my flat until a "reasonable" time. Which would be November, which to my ears sounds justifiably autumny and cold. Last night, the indoor temperature dropped below 20°, which, admittedly, was not exactly tropical.

The real reason why we choose to work in offices? Central heating, obviously:
office radiator (onemorehandbag)
Last night, I put together 3 potential outfits to be worn at K's wedding reception tomorrow. Informed sources have told me that the venue will be unheated. It's a case of Vanity vs. Sanity, I guess. In view of the fact that I have a business trip followed by a vacation lined up next week, the latter is very likely to win in my case.


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