Friday, June 01, 2007

hen pecking

Tomorrow night, the Vienna quarter of the bookclub posse will be joining B2's hen party. There seems to be a bit of a, let's call it culture-clash (Vienna crowd vs. Villach crowd) regarding what to do on such a night out. Whether it's our advanced age or an inborn spoilsport-gene I don't know, but when we heard of what the self-appointed party-planner had in mind, we were somewhat alarmed and, having been explicitly instructed by B2 to veto potentially embarrassing "games", threw more than subtle hints to that effect to party-planner. Cue: bitchy e-mail, party-planner being obviously fond of bullet-points and itemised lists. Followed by more bitchy e-mails by the bookclubbers with certain people not cc-ed. Oh, the joy of having a common enemy. Party-planner's latest debriefing mail included a dress-code and other detailed suggestions instructions.

The things you do for your friends...


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