Wednesday, April 18, 2007

in the gloom of doom

For several days now, I have been in a very strange mood indeed. Admittedly, I'm in very-strange-moods-indeed most of the time as people who know me more intimately would be happy to point out, but this current mood is a mix of nostalgia and apprehension. Today next week will be my last day chez Coma HQ. True, I've been bored out of my mind more often than not and have experienced my fair share of frustration for manifold reasons. Then again, it IS my first ever proper (arguably) job and just as I had no prior experience of ending a relationship, I have never quit a job before.
Much as I usually embrace Challenges and Change with capital Cs, I have obviously grown quite comfortable in the snug little niche I've come to inhabit here over the (almost nine!) years never mind the fact that I have spent the greater part of my week days in the same area since 1990, the main university building being just a stone's throw from Coma HQ. A staggering 17 years.
Inertia has become my heraldic animal, so to speak, but I have spoilt it like a pet.


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