Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sole searching

I actually came back from my sunkissed week in KLU on Friday already but my broadband internet at home was acting up (again) so I couldn't post.

What I did last week? Well, buying shoes, mainly:shoooooes (onemorehandbag) While I was at it, I also bought a pair of Crocs. Interestingly, it says "Made in Mexico" on the sole of the right shoe and "Made in China" on the left. Globalisation at its best, I guess.
more shoes (onemorehandbag) The reason why I returned to Vienna on Friday was that I was supposed to attend a felting crash course on Saturday together with Novala. It was cancelled at short notice but thankfully la Novala didn't cancel the Power Point crash course she gave me to save me from potential embarrassment in my new job (beginning next Thursday. Countdown!). She greeted me in a t-shirt bearing the logo of my new company. Which is actually an arch enemy of the one she works for. Subversive element, eh?


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