Wednesday, January 24, 2007

These Boots Are Made for Talking

This morning before work I had my first job-interview in almost 9 years. Surprisingly un-scary I'm glad to report. I have no idea if I am being seriously considered for the position in question, but in any case I am glad to have at least been invited to show my face.

Last night, I deliberated on the ultimate job-interview outfit. For want of a subdued wintery dark (trouser) suit I intended to wear my "nice" black pinstripe trousers teamed with a white blouse and good-girl-cardie or black blazer. Ooops. Black trousers were buried in the dirty laundry bag. Favourite black skirt with embroidery combined with a nice subdued top? Nah. Not so good. Chanel-esque tweed suit? Too light-coloured. In the end, I went for my black skinny(ish) pants (tucked into my new black boots, a replacement for the crappy ones I bought in November which have already died on me), a white blouse and black blazer. Sleek chic. At least that's what I thought.

Guess what I did in my lunch-break? Yep - I went on a mission to scour the shops for some left-over business gear bargains. The booty: a white blouse-with-a-twist, the twist being a belt-band, from H&M and a pair of trousers from ZARA, both considerably reduced. Tomorrow I'll try the other downtown ZARA branch for something resembing a suit.

Nothing better than having a feasible excuse for clothes shopping, is there? Note: this was a strictly rethorical question.


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