Tuesday, November 07, 2006

knickerbocker glory

ta-dah! (onemorehandbag) You could say that Marie Antoinette inspired me (all those men in breeches) but I'd got it into my head weeks ago that I was going to recycle a pair of trousers of unfashionable length into the kind of cropped legwear which you don't need to forecfully shoehorn into your boots.

I found the perfect victim in my wardrobe in KLU, the hopelessly congested interim storage for clothes that *might* come in fashion again. Like, in the next millennium. Anyway, I took a pair of burgundy Blaumax corduroy trousers back to Vienna and - having checked the ideal lenght with a pair of boots the same colour - castrated them. Snip, snip. I'm wearing them today and so far, nobody has run off screaming after seeing me. Always a sign of an arts-and-crafts project gone not entirely wrong.



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