Friday, December 16, 2005

Drool, drool

Last night, friends from Manchester who will be staying chez retailtherapist and Turkish Delight till Sunday arrived laden down with goodies. The "two Magi" brought not only the above but also some glossy mags for both of us and I got a seperate Christmas present which I haven't unwrapped yet. Disturbingly, it's roughly the same size as the silicone-gift from the Mermaid. Hm...perhaps I should add one more body-issue to the long list? Are people trying to tell me something?

I've just realized that the photo looks very dark* so I'll work on that when I get home (I've got a stone-age computer with no photo-enhancing software here at the office) and in the meantime describe what they brought just in case: lots of salt and vinegar crisps, proper (i.e. strong) tea, mince pies and (their flight included a stop-over in Brussels) Belgian chocolate. I specifically ordered the S&V crisps to which I'm utterly addicted. I know lots of other people here who find them pretty orgasmic but for some reason local producers as well as the people in charge of ordering food for supermarkets have obviously decided that they won't sell in this country. I used to be able to get Kettle's salt & balsamic vinegar crisps at Merkur but they unfortunately discontinued them last year. Thankfully, Meinl am Graben still stocks them. We do get lots of other flavours (think: 30 E-numbers at least), mostly the bad-breath-inducing cheese and onion or sour-cream and chives variety. Yuk. Double-yuk.

Purchases: I've taken the afternoon off to enjoy a leasurely lunch with my visitors and to beautify myself for the office Christmas do tonight. Probably *no* purchases today, but never say never. I actually bought 2 more presents at the airport last night plus a huge box from Amazon was delivered this morning.

*03:39 p.m. - have just lightened up the photo, I hope it's better now.

The competition's still on, by the way. Only two lucky winners people who decided to humour me, so far. Geez, I knew I should have paid my friends more to read my blog...


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