Monday, February 13, 2023

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One undoubtable sign that you are getting old is the type of items you covet. If your "fetish" turns to kitchen appliances, you have truly arrived in adult-land. While for several of my friends their Thermomix gadget is the holy grail, I personally love appliances with a retro vibe such as my Kitchen Aid mixer and my most recent gift to myself (purchased mainly to see if it will really make bread so much better and crunchier), a cast-iron Le Creuset dutch oven that I had been eying for a while and pulled the trigger on last week. 
This is not to say that I'm not still into handbags, but there, too, my focus has been on classic brands that hold their value for quite some time and I am less of an impulse-buyer of inexpensive seasonal items any more. 
The label "lifelong guarantee" on my Le Creuset baby gave me a rush of excitement and somehow reinforced the feeling that I had been investing in something solid...well, literally, because these things weigh a tonne.


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