Monday, December 13, 2021


This is a picture of the chapel at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna where I got my Covid-19 booster jab on Saturday evening. Without registering, without a noteworthy queue and by a friendly doctor who did his job really well. Once more, I felt extremely grateful that I live in a city with so many easily accessible options for this vaccine. This is not the time for yet another rant about stubborn anti-vaxers, but a reflexion on how extreme attitudes about and reactions to this pandemic are. From people like me in the middle of the spectrum who are do their best to cope with all the lockdowns and restrictions even if they do "cramp their style", but still try to lead a semi-normal life and not just wall themselves in in complete panic, to people who deny the danger of this virus and/or reject the vaccines against it on the on end and those who just see potential danger everywhere and deny themselves any joy that might safely be available on the other. Both are concerning in their own way and while I respect (only) the latter group of people, I also feel sorry for them and hope they will find a way out. Literally.


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