Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SINful Goodies

Before I continue with sightseeing pics of Singapore, I wanted to share my still lives of goodies in/from Singapore. Both the Australian and I arrived with goodies (including reading matter) for each other, including some from/for Mademoiselle. Laid out on our pristine bedsheets:
And this is what I bought in Singapore. Not much, as you can see, which was alright. Just some t-shirts (and a blue linen shirt from Uniqlo, not pictured as it was in the laundry basket), tea and little bits and pieces. I also completed the mission to buy a pair of white Converse sneakers as I heard they were a lot cheaper there than in Europe. My Singapore haul, nicely arranged: 
I don't know if I will EVER quite master the art of packing light, though. Every time I keep telling myself that next time I shall dramatically reduce the number of outfits and shoes I pack, but alas...still bringing way too many rags.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

That Pool, Though!

Hello again! I hope you all had a good Easter weekend/vacation. I had a GREAT time in Singapore with the lovely Australian. I am planning to write at least one more post on the highlights of Singapore, but wanted to quickly share my personal highlight that was the reason why I wanted to visit in the first place. The amazing superduper incredible pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It really is almost Wonder of the World territory in my humble opinion. But see for yourself where we spent a substantial part of every day:
Apart from having great fun watching hundreds of selfies being taken in the water (tripods and waterproof camera covers and all) every day, it was quite fascinating to observe the reaction in people when they first stepped out on the 57th floor and saw that pool for the first time. A lot like a child experiencing the first Christmas ever, admiring the lit candles on the Christmas tree. Absolute wonderment and happiness. We were no exception and could hardly tear our eyes away from the skyline from the skyline, either. The pool is only open to hotel guests, but visitors can get a peek from the Ku Dé Ta bar adjacent to the pool, which is not too shabby either. We had a mojito or two almost every night there. If you ever get the chance to visit Singapore and want to spoil yourself, book this hotel, make sure to get a room with "city view" (vs. garden view) and bring your bikini. It is definitely a stay (and swim) to remember.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


The past few weeks have been VERY travel intensive. Tomorrow when I'm flying to Singapore via Dubai I'll have ticked off the 3rd continent in 2 weeks. I'm definitely not complaining about this recent concentration of business and pleasure trips, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to using my flat for, you know, LIVING, rather than just unpacking/repacking and doing my laundry and also to seeing more of friends and family. I'll be back with my Singapore adventures soon(ish) and in the meantime, you can join me in admiring my most recent Duty Free bargain:
I picked "her" up in Sofia on Wednesday as I had already fallen in love with this bag on my previous visit and a further reduction and reasoning with myself that I didn't own a medium-sized Le Pliage bag with short handles after all sealed the deal. My Longchamp collection has been secretly growing (didn't even realise it was a "collection") and I might do a blogpost about it one day as I really am a diehard fan of these beauties for business travel: lightweight, sturdy and practical!
Happy Easter and many (chocolate) eggs to all of you celebrating it!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I would always describe myself as "the urban type". I do, however, like to seek greener spots (my house in Vienna is on a busy street and I don't have a balcony or garden) on weekends. Seeing trees and bushes in bloom in my parents' garden is like a breath of fresh air and at the same time makes me nostalgic about my "sakura holiday" in Japan 2 years ago...
I'm off to Sofia tomorrow and the weather forecast promises rain and rather chilly temperatures. Mehp.

Friday, April 11, 2014

No Matter How Busy I Am

...there is always time to pick up a handbag en route. I returned from Krakow last morning (no time for jetlag) and had a busy 2 days there with spare time. Thankfully, however, our office is right on the beautiful main square and as you can guess, there are shops nearby. My colleague and I were itching to burn some zlotys and I found this cute little bag at Parfois that really puts me in a spring mood:
You can open both zippers on the side to reveal a contrast pattern as demonstrated with one side flap above. It was very affordable and also comes in other styles. Just search for "dragonfly" on the site.
So much for my little purchase. I will be in KLU and SOF before heading to SIN(gapore) next Friday. The big Rimova suitcase is ready...

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

That's one way of putting it

When my driver (who had chauffeured me before) picked me up yesterday, he asked a question, half-joking, that sums up my recent crazy travelling quite well, "What is it you have against your apartment that you do everything to avoid it." Good one. In fact, ever since I finished the monster task of emptying my bedroom and having it completely redone, I have barely spent any quality time there, nor got started on any of the lovely creative projects I had envisioned doing there. I promised the painter that I would call him for painting my guest bedroom (where there is a nasty water stain on the ceiling, already paid for by the upstairs tenants' insurance) "probably not before Christmas". I simply could not face spending the rare evenings and weekends I spend in Vienna dragging my possessions from one room to the other AGAIN. I will call the guy soon to fix a date as otherwise it probably never gets done. Speaking of date - I recently got asked by a guy "do you even have time for a boyfriend what with all your travelling?" Well, I like to think I do and the thought of somebody looking forward to my return is not exactly something unpleasant. I might have to meet Prince Charming at the airport gate. So far, no luck, only boring men in ill-fitting suits that are glued to their Dell computers or Blackberries...

Saturday, April 05, 2014

The "Sydney Effect"

Remember when I spent 3 months in Sydney back in 2011? Also remember my moaning about the constant rain? Well, I sort of have a deja vu. When I flew out to the supposedly hot and sunny Australian summer, everybody (including myself) imagined me walking around in short sleeves and sandals all the time. I packed accordingly. When my mother visited me in November and we experienced a stretch of nice weather, I stupidly gave her some warmer stuff to take back to Austria. Wrong move. When I packed for a conference in "sunny" California (specifically the Silicon Valley, where the Firm's HQ is located), I also had visions of me watching my tan build up by the poolside in my free time. Well. It was nice and sunny when I arrived last Sunday, but miserable and rainy all day on Monday and Tuesday. Not to mention colder than back home in Austria. Ah, well, never mind. I had a GREAT time all the same, just not while wearing any of the summery clothes I packed and exposing my nicely pedicured trotters and professionally applied red gel polish to daylight ever. The hotel did have a warm jacuzzi, though, which my colleagues and I very much appreciated. Need I mention that the weather is getting dramatically better as I leave this evening? Just as Sydney experienced a scorcher of a summer once I had left:
Mind you, I HAD checked the weather forecast before leaving, but the outlook wasn't quite as cold and rainy. 
On Monday and Friday I had the opportunity to squeeze in a bit of retail therapy in San Francisco and bought a few things to wear and slap on my face. And since everybody always seems to be obsessed about buying trainers when in the U.S. I thought I'd join in for a change. Being me, I wanted something very bright. Bright they certainly are:
Very flattering angle of my legs...
Ok, now I am off to explore the hood a bit before I need to check out. Talk to you soon(ish).

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