Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Some Like it Cold

Despite the decidedly un-summery weather, I finally got around to checking out two of Vienna's new icy hotspots. On Saturday, I had a frozen lunch at Summer Samba on Yppenplatz in Vienna's 16th district. I had read a very favourable review and was eager to try those exotic fruits. I asked the girl behind the counter to give me two sour flavours and if I remember correctly, I had pitanga and tapereba. Both were very tasty and refreshing. The colours are all quite pale and paste-coloured, which is a good sign:

Here is the full list of flavours:
On Sunday afternoon, I finally got to check out Kurt, self-proclaimed maker of "the best frozen yoghurt in Austria" (not that there's that much competition in the field). It is actually quite close to where I work, but when MC and I wanted to go there after work two weeks ago, it was closed. A friend who's "friends" with them on Facebook said that they had some teething troubles and often had to close at short notice. They opened at 3 and when we arrived there, a queue had already formed in front of the door:
The frozen yoghurt (I had plan and mango/peach with 3 toppings) was very good and I ordered rooibos tea to defrost afterwards.
I'm not sure I have the patience to queue again when a frozen-yoghurt-craving hits me but I'd definitely go there again.


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