Thursday, June 03, 2010


Today is, or rather, was, a holiday in Austria and as I haven't taken the Friday off, I felt like doing something other than be annoyed about the bad weather at home. I realised that I hadn't been to Bratislava for quite some time and found willing company in a very nice colleague who has yet to make an appearance on this blog - let's call her Sporty, 'cause that's what she is and looks like - and who will be holding the fort with me tomorrow.

Thanks to a cheap deal (the Euregio ticket, in case you are interested) we took the train the first thing I noticed upon arrival at the main railway station was that it's still as ugly and "cold war"-looking as it was when I first arrived there in the mid 1990s on a day-trip with Amica:

station (onemorehandbag)The little kiosks in its vicinity also hadn't changed a bit:
kiosk (onemorehandbag)Which is not to say that there are no pretty architectural details to be seen:
tiles (onemorehandbag)As the weather gradually got worse, we got into a shopping mood (surprise!) and also visited the phonetically written "design shop":
dizajnshop (onemorehandbag)We did our best to boost the Slovak economy at the new (for me at least) Eurovea Gallery mall.
mall (onemorehandbag)I know a certain perso who said she wouldn't buy, cough, anything until her weekend in London, cough, but somehow she ended up buying, erm...several things, including a cool pair of gladiator-ish leather (! including leather sole) sandals for only € 16,90.
haul (onemorehandbag)All in all, it was a really nice day-trip and I will graciously gloss over the fact that as usual, the culinary part of my visit to B. was rather underwhelming. Shudder.


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