Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Friends reunited

bubblering(onemorehandbag)I came that close to a major personal tragedy on Sunday when I almost lost my favourite item of jewellery at Copenhagen airport, my "bubble ring", designed by self-appointed ring-king Max Grün. I bought this ring for ATS (our old Austrian currency) 1,750 which amounts to € 127 about 6 years or so ago when my then 5 colleagues and I split our prize* of ATS 10,000 into 5 parts. After tax deduction each of us got ATS 1,750 and I immediately rushed to buy the ring I had been ogling for weeks but thought to expensive to treat myself to. The purchase was all the sweeter because - for a change - I did not have to feel guilty about splurging out.
This ring fits just perfectly on the middle finger of my right hand (my fingers are quite slim so most rings that are intended for the ring finger fit better on the middle one) and because of the bubbles being made of resin, it's light and smooth. I have a bit of a thing for pretty rings and although I own more than you can probably imagine, among them really beautiful gifts, this one remains my all-time favourite. It's just so me, not only because it's pink.

I don't consider myself a superstitious person at all but I have to admit that this ring is a bit of a lucky charm and I always wear it when I think I could do with some luck. I also always put it on when I travel, not because I attribute talismanic qualities to it but for the simple reason that it can't get lost or stolen on the way when I'm wearing it. Well, theoretically it can't.

At the security check-point at Copenhagen airport I wanted to avoid any unnecessary beeps and therefore took off my watch and the bubble ring, putting it into a pocket of my bright orange Bree rucksack. After I had walked through the metal detector frame thingie and picked up my hand luggage from the conveyor belt, I wandered over to the adjacent electronics and CD/DVD store, idly searching for my wallet in my rucksack while looking at a DVD cover. Multi-tasking obviously isn't my forte as I was too distracted to remember I'd put my watch and ring into the same pocket where my wallet a mere 5 minutes ago. I was brutally reminded of it when my watch came flying out and I heard a thud that was unrelated to the watch hitting the floor.

I immediately burrowed in my bag for the ring, instinctively knowing that the thud had been the ring making contact either with the floor or one of the CD racks. When I couldn't find it anywhere, I went up to the two pimply youths at the cash desk of Merlin Music and Electronics , asking if they had a broom with which to sweep under the racks. They explained that there was no need for that as the racks had wheels and could be pushed to the side. The guys helpfully wheeled about every single one of them, not minding the customers who wanted to look at the merchandise. Alas, the ring didn't turn up. I was close to tears. Pimply youth #1 suggested I leave my name and address so they could post the ring to me in case it turned up later. I had just drawn a "photofit picture" of my ring and written my name when he looked up and said there was no need for me to write the rest. Pimply youth # 2 approached the desk with the ring in his hand like a trophy. I was so happy I could have hugged him. I thanked them profusely, went to the Duty Free to buy the biggest bag of snack-sized chocolate bars I could find and took it to them as small "thank you". My heroes!

No lunch-break purchases today as I had a "proper" lunch-date involving food.
* In a magazine which our office subscribes to you there were photos of banknotes. If you had a banknote with the same serial number as one of those listed in the magazine you won a prize. One of us happened to find a matching note in her wallet and we decided to keep it all hush hush (it wasn't officially our magazine, after all) and share the booty instead of telling the boss who might get crazy ideas like buying stationery with the money...


Blogger Poulette said...

Looooves the ring. Personally, I'm pining after a little something from Slovenian designer Lara Bohinc (http://www.larabohinc107.co.uk/), gorgeus but with a price tag to match.

12/13/2005 07:16:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Ooooh, I definitely wouldn't mind if somebody forced some Lara Bohinc glitter on me,either! I recently read an article about her mentioning that she actually forbade Britney Spears to wear her stuff. I liked that!

12/13/2005 10:31:00 PM  

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