Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Little Aussie Art Gallery...

Apart from the many Australian purchases you've already seen here, I also bought 4 works of art by Aboriginal artists. These two paintings (by the same artist) work really well as a pair, which is why I hung them up side by side:
The painting below (by a different artist, but bought in the same gallery, on another visit when the Mermaid also bought a painting for her boyfriend) looks interesting juxtaposed with the enamel painting by a Slovak (or Czech...I'm not entirely sure) artist on top of my bookshelf:

The first purchase - sorry for the crappy photo with the reflection - was made in Melbourne in the shop of the Koorie Heritage Trust and is a print (2/2). It actually cost twice as much as one of the paintings above:

I'm really glad all my artworks made it to Austria without damage.


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