Sunday, December 25, 2011

Vegetating 2.0

The Christmas holidays are all about vegetating on the couch, reading, eating, watching TV. And repeat. Personally, I'm more into the reading, than into the TV part, although I won't say no to a rerun of Love Actually. Ever.

This year, I gave myself a Kindle for Christmas. I know I am very late jumping onto this bandwagon, but I had to overcome my prejudices first. I turned up my nose at the idea of reading books in any other than offline form when electronic readers first came out, considering the mere idea sacrilegious. After holding one in my hands some months ago and being bombarded by Amazon's friendly newsletters and seeing it prominently placed on their homepage, I gave in and I'm loving it! Best thing EVER. I decided to go for the more expensive and heavier 3G version and hope to get into the situation where I run out of literature on a deserted beach (with internet coverage, ahem) soon to justify it.

You can see it in the picture below, sitting on a photo book on a (bicycle) road trip through Australia that I actually won while in Australia and had sent to my parents. I like to enter competitions, me...

Since I didn't do any Christmas baking myself this year, Mum took over the task and asked me for my recipes collection. She was almost nervous that I would give her positive feedback and took it personally when I didn't tuck in straight away after getting home. It took me a while to switch into winter/Christmas mode, but I've tried them all now and definitely approve. She baked various biscuits, made chocolates and truffles (which she always does anyways) and tried gingerbread for the first time, using my paternal granny's family recipe. This is a picture of the gingerbread:

The couch and 3 months worth of magazine subscriptions are beckoning now...


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