Monday, December 26, 2011

Best of the Rest

Wooo, I found this post in my "drafts" folder with photos already uploaded so I can share my last Sydney purchases with you despite the fact that I left my camera (with the last pics on its SD card) in Vienna.

On my last Saturday, I walked across the Harbour Bridge (and back) and discovered the Kirribilli art & design market under its Milsons Point pylon. There, I came across a stall where a Chinese (looking) lady sold laser-cut reversible leather jewellery that was spray-painted either gold or silver. I loved the silver necklace she wore herself, but it turned out that whereas it complemented her grey hair gorgeously, it washed me out and we decided my complexion was better suited to gold. I settled for this pretty piece that cost AUD 31:

I decided I couldn't possibly leave the country without buying a Mimco clutch and therefore seized the opportunity that David Jones had a -25% off sale. The small print revealed that this only applied to purchases over $ 150 and the clutch was 149. I thought that this wouldn't be a problem for easy-going Australians, but apparently the cash-register wasn't as flexible and so I "needed" to grab something else. I settled for a little purse, sister of the black one I bought weeks before and will now probably give away as a present even though I find it even sexier with its gold name-button on the front. I already have somebody in mind...
December issues of magazines contained some interesting freebies, such as this Butter of London nail polish. I really like the shimmery beige colour and the smooth application.
Marie Claire came with a Seafolly beach dress that impresses with good quality and a decent fit despite being one-size-fits-all. I have my doubts at the "valued at $ 69.95" as the material is acrylic, but I will definitely wear it next summer as I love stripes.
Remember the blue skinny jeans I bought? The Mermaid loved them so much she tried to hunt down a pair for herself, but alas they had disappeared from the shops. I found a long (i.e. bum-covering) asymmetrical top by Australian designer Wayne Cooper at Myer. To me, it looks very Australian by virtue of a) its bright colours and b) its photo print: two characteristics that can be found in most brands summer collections.

The dusty pink of the top is the exact shade of my $10 gladiator sandals: bonus!
Needless to say, this top, the beach dress and the sandals are destined for hibernation now that I'm back in the Northern Hemisphere. The clutch, however, might get an outing soon and I'm wearing the necklace today.


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