Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend Kaleidoscope I

I plan to make this a regular feature, hence the "I" in the title. Here are some impressions of my weekend:

  1. Creative gifts handmade for me by my goddaughter (4)
  2. New woollen cardie-hoodie bought on Saturday.
  3. Printing out and cutting the photos for my 2012 "calendar edition"
  4. Rainy weekend in Vienna, but I was well-prepared (should have had these with me in Sydney)
  5. Unexpected Christmas pressies from my cousins
  6. Yummy salad prepared by Bella (she who used to update her blog more often than once in 6 months...)
  7. Stocking up on glittery nailpolish
  8. Matcha latte from Cha No Ma
  9. Getting a headstart on the decorations for my birthday party


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