Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just as Well We Don't Know the Secret Formula

the "living-room corner" in my hotel room*

Yesterday, about 80% of my team were on the same flight to Zurich (where we are for internal meetings until tomorrow), which reminded me of the fact that this is explicitly forbidden in some companies. I even know someone whose parents always take separate planes - or at least did when the children were younger - in order to decrease the chance of making their offspring orphans. When I was a kid, I once read that the two men who know the secret formula for Coca-Cola are never allowed to take the same plane, a random fact (or possibly, urban legend) that deeply impressed me.

* Rooms at the Four Point by Sheraton hotel in Sihlcity (which the Gazelle dubbed "Sin City") are more spacious than your average Manhattan apartment and nightly rates - even corporate - are higher than the average GDP of an African country...


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