Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DYI Goddess

Two Saturdays ago, I bought a new BILLY shelf with matching door (half glass, half wood) at the IKEA in KLU. My mother who travelled back to Vienna with me and helped me carry it up to my flat was dubious I would be able to assemble it myself and suggested I "ask some guys at the office" if they felt like some after-work DIY work. I half-jokingly asked my (new) boss, but was pretty convinced I would be able to do it myself. The pieces didn't look too daunting after all:
In the end, my mother did not even have to assist me and it took me all of 15 minutes to assemble the parts. I only needed help for lifting it up (the shelf/bookcase is 2 metres tall) and carrying it from the living room to the guest bedroom. 

I did not tackle the doors until Friday night and getting those onto the shelf,  hinges and all took the greater part of an hour. BILLY stands tall and proud now, though, and I was quite proud that I did it all on my own: 
My only previous - customised - BILLY, double the width and half the height, that used to stand in the same spot I gave away for free on as I always do with unwanted furniture. I was quite flattered that so many people wanted to have it and stressed that they particularly liked my little mosaic "artwork":
The lady who collected it on Sunday seemed to be very happy with the gift and I felt like giving away a pet to a new home.


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