Sunday, November 15, 2009

No Catfights. How Boring.

On Friday night, I passed the H&M store on Graben which was all set for the much-awaited sale of their Jimmy Choo collection on November 14. The windows had been decorated with parts (or all?) of the collection for the week, but I noticed a new sign (sorry for the reflection) had been put up:
queue for Choo (onemorehandbag)Wow. I was reminded of stories of poor Russians or GDR inhabitants queuing up for solitary cabbages or mismatched shoes. "Queue for Choo" - a novel marketing approach.
Yesterday I was in the Designer Outlet Center in Parndorf, but on my way there, I made a detour to Graben to see if there were scenes of desperation or women trying to get in by offering sexual favours to security guards.
None of that, just happy ladies wielding blue bags:
happy Choo shoppers (onemorehandbag) I did not go in (unfortunately, I can't walk in high heels and if the more wearable items in the collection are meant to be worn by me, they will wait), but when I peeked past the security guard, it did not look too crowded in there.


Anonymous alcessa said...

They even had quite a few items for sale in their online shop yesterday - they still do...

11/15/2009 04:02:00 PM  

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