Saturday, November 28, 2009

All Set

My flat is decorated with Christmas baubles, the smell of baking is wafting through the rooms and my advent wreath is ready for tomorrow. For the fist time, I did not just "pimp" a cheap shop-bought wreath by leaving only the candles and replacing tacky decorations with some of my choice, but got a naked wreath which I then dressed from scratch thanks to the Empress who gave me pins with which to fasten the candles. I decided to go for "liturgical purple" spiced up with dried orange slices to go with the general orange motto of my living room. The colour gave me the perfect excuse to buy a set of tea-light holders in the same shade of purple to keep the wreath company on top of the cabinet:
Advent wreath 2009 (onemorehandbag) I case you're wondering what the blotches on the wall behind are...well, they are from an Advent some years ago when I blew out the candles with a bit too much vigour and ended up splattering wax over the wall.


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