Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Last weekend I was in Carinthia. I would not have minded jumping into the lake for an end-of-season swim, but even though we all know I don't mind cold water, I did not want to risk catching a cold shortly before my holiday.

Even so, I had a good time, enjoying the garden and its offerings.
pumpkins from KLU (onemorehandbag)As usual, I was spoilt by my Mum...
plum tart with ice-cream (onemorehandbag) had the cheek to disturb the Beast's beauty sleep...

the beast (onemorehandbag)visited Granny and went for a (short) walk with her...

walking with granny (onemorehandbag) followed by a very quick visit to an apparently award winning shopping mall...

Atrio shopping mall (onemorehandbag) and joined the admirers of Frida's exhibition which coincided with this year's long night of museums...

arty (onemorehandbag)


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