Sunday, October 04, 2009

Beauty Trivia

As I've told you, I've recently become rather too well-acquainted with the parallel universe of beauty channels on YouTube. The so-called gurus constantly show their viewers their new make-up routines, favourite products and, most importantly, "hauls". The always share their beauty secrets with the world at large, something which I find almost as intriguing as the "what's in my bag" concept, I thought I'd show you the (kind of weird) products I think I can't live without. Here goes:
calendula salve (onemorehandbag) It's a very rich calendula ointment from a rather famous pharmacy in Mariazell in Styria. Some years ago, my Mum got a pot from a friend of hers as a souvenir and since she already had another one, she gave it to me. I discovered that it is THE BEST THING EVER (yes, better even than the admittedly very good Dr. Scholl stuff) to combat dry skin on my feet/heels and religiously apply it every night before going to bed. I usually put on socks (très sexy!) to make it get absorbed even better. My feet are far from beautiful and in fact I have been troubled quite a bit by a bunion recently, but at least the skin is baby-soft. In case you're interested and your local pharmacy does not produce a similar version (note: calendula creams or lotions are not the same and don't do the trick), you can order it online from the pharmacy in Mariazell and they do overnight delivery if you live in Austria.

Clarins oil (onemorehandbag) Some weeks ago, I was given a trial size of Clarins ' Huile Lotus. I was not terribly thrilled as a) I actually hate the feel of oil on my fingers (and under my fingernails in particular) and b) it says on the bottle that it is for combination/oily skin whereas my skin is rather dry. Anyway, I was curious and decided to try it. Believe me, it is sooo lovely! None of the nasty oily feeling, a gorgeous smell and incredibly pleasant feel on your skin. You just apply it on skin that's still moist from toner and gently rub it in. My skin feels really soft and relaxed afterwards and pores appear more constricted. I immediately bought the regular size when I had used up the tiny one and have been using it several times a week, usually instead of my night cream.

Lancome lash primer (onemorehandbag) As I have very straight pigs-bristles-like eyelashes and am not adept with an eylash curler at all (I always ended up squeezing the skin of my lids and have long ago thrown out the one I had) I was happy when lash primers started to appear on the shelves in Austria a couple of years ago. The first brands I used were Clinique, Esthée Lauder and L'Oréal, but now I think I'm going to stick with the above "wonder wand": Lancôme's Oscillation Powerbooster lash primer. It has an inbuilt battery and the wand vibrates when you apply it, which results in much better results, i.e. more coverage and a nicer curve. Lash primers are basically a white base for your eylashes. You don't allow it to dry but apply the mascara right away. Should you be afflicted with pigs' bristles instead of nice curled eyelashes, too you might want to give it a try. I definitely recommend it.

I know that my (few) readers hardly ever comment, but I'd be really interested to hear about YOUR beauty secrets/the products you swear by.


Anonymous alcessa said...

I cannot do without:

a) Melkfett, sometimes with calendula, for hands, elbows, sometimes lips and face.

b) it looks like I have also finally found my favourite anti-aging day cream, which I use together with a dr. Hauschka eye cream...

c) I never use anything else but the nivea deo cream.

10/04/2009 02:18:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

I knew I could rely on you, Alcessa

10/05/2009 09:10:00 AM  

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