Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Fully Expected That to Drop on My Head

Yesterday was not my day. Well, let me rephrase this - yesterday MORNING was definitely not my morning. First of all, I got stood up by the company who was supposed to install my blinds. Then a carton of cocoa milk (left over from Saturday's kiddies party) leaked in my handbag on the way to work, spilling its contents all over my its contents: cardigan, book - you name it. In the process of extracting the soiled items, I manged to get attractive brown spots on my white t-shirt. In the office, my laptop, which I thought I had successfully shut down at home turned out to have frozen. I could not shut it down so as a last resort tried to remove the battery only to find out that the release lever was broken. A colleague managed to get it out using a tiny LEGO flag (long story how that got to be in the office in the first place). Then my docking station was not working (the cleaner must have unplugged it). When I was finally online again, I got to read the stroppy e-mail of a disgruntled customer. By the time I went to buy a clean t-shirt in my lunch-break, I was convinced the concrete slabs dangling from a crane right next to our office would fall smack on my head and squash me, Tom&Jerry-style. Surprisingly enough, it didn't.


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