Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Desperate Measures

label addict (onemorehandbag) I think I might have mentioned here before that I tend to feel obliged to make a purchase when the nice people behind the nice online-stores send me those nice online vouchers or even just nice suggestions to patronise their shops. Well, as this tends to have a) a not-so-nice effect on my resolution to seriously start saving money when I'm...erm...grown-up and b) brings my bulging one step closer to explosion, I've decided to use the handy filter-function that GMail offers and divert those kinds of mails from my inbox, sending them marked-as-read to the respective label. It also works quite well with all kinds of newsletters I subscribed to ages ago and hardly ever read anyway. You might argue that I could just as well cancel them, but it seems easier to just filter them. Even if you don't need a flight-ticket or a job at the moment, you never know. Did I say I mark e-mails as read? Well, not all of them. Even though I also divert the daily (!) mails from Brands4Friends to the "shopping" label, I sort of prefer to manually mark them as read. And sometimes read them. Which results in the inevitable. Such as today (CK rings for less than 30 Euros!) . Still, we're getting there...


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