Thursday, January 08, 2009

Close-Up or: Spaced-Out

One day, I gave my keyboard a closer look and noticed that there was a completely smooth part in the middle of the space bar. It reminded me of that famous Paul Watzlawick story about mysterious scratches on the windscreens of peoples' cars in Seattle. After thorough investigation of the "incident" it turned out that those scratches had always been there but, alterted by rumours and media coverage, people all of a sudden looked at their windscreens from close-up or with a magnifying glass, discovering irregularities on the surface they would not otherwise have noticed.
But seriously, it's really fascinating as this spot is as smooth as those stones in cathedrals which superstitious people have rubbed or kissed for centuries. What is my keyboard trying to tell me? That I should stop hitting the "space" bar so agressively or that I should spend less time at my desk alltogether. Who knows?
smooth operator (onemorehandbag)

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