Friday, December 26, 2008

Christkind was here

Austria (thankfully) being a Santa-free-zone with the exception of scarily popular lifesize Santas who climb up/down windows, fairy lights round their necks, we still get our presents by Christkind as opposed to a fat man with a beard. In any case, "it" was good to me this year and among lots of other pressies brought me various things for the kitchen: Just as well I didn't win one of those cool aprons at Anne's as Amica apparently is a mind-reader.

I also got lots of lotions and potions this year, e.g. by Kiehl's and Aveda. I haven't found out if this means that a) I am known for being very vain, b) am visibly getting old and wrinkly, or c) smell horribly. Possibly, a combination of the three. No, seriously, I L.O.V.E. all things cosmetic and can never have too many bath salts and gels.

I've always wanted little diamond studs and now got a lovely pair from my parents (I had sent them a handy link to the TCHIBO website...) along with a selfmade necklace and beautiful calendars made by each of them. Christkind also got me a Pandora necklace to go with my bracelet. Although I find those very nice without the ornaments and don't intend to overload them, this is the perfect occasion to drop a not so subtle hint for future birthdays and Christmasses ;-)

My Mum and I got a scarf each from a friend and decided to swap them. I much prefered the ikat print (see photo above).

The coolest present by far, though, this year was our company holiday gift (presented to us by the boss in a Santa costume, by the way) - a brand new limited edition G1 phone! I fiddled around with it and downloaded applications all Christmas Eve until my parents put a stop to it:
I felt like a little boy with his first toy train set.


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