Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sofia in a Nutshell

Sofia. Home of beautiful orthodox churches...

Sv. Nedelja, Sofia (onemorehandbag)as well as ugly (post)communist architecture

Sofia architecture (onemorehandbag)As regards shopping, I noticed that - just as in Latvia - plastic bags of various brands were sold at the market. I saw many people walk around with a BILLA bag, too, but unfortunately we never saw the actual supermarket. Instead, we chose the central market hall which was practically next to our hotel to buy (very tasty) snacks. At the central department store "TSUM" and the more upmarket shopping areas almost all international brands are available, but I didn't have the impression that there were many people shopping there. What I did notice was that high stiletto heels are de rigueur for females aged 14 - 94 (just as "original" hair dyes with the roots showing are) and that every street seems to contain on average 3 shoe-shops, 2 pharmacies and 1 casino.

Bulgarian trends (onemorehandbag)
Compared to New York in particular, this was a true low-budget weekend-break. The only things I bought were some souvenirs at the shop of the Ethnographic Museum and some rose and lavender soaps and hand creams from the omnipresent "Rose of Bulgaria" cosmetics range.


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