Friday, November 21, 2008

And Now for the Shopping

And shop, I did.

I bought things light...
and bright...
and blue...

and many more.

I also imported things for others, such as a cashmere Burberry scarf for Snow White, a cashmere jumper for the PP, a SatC -the-movie DVD for the Empress (being of the blonde persuasion, we didn't know the country code is useless here. Bummer), iTunes vouchers for my Favourite Hamburger (FH).

It can't be a coincidence that right upon my return, the USD became stronger still. Even though this means the exchange-rate is less favourable for EUROpeans, I feel duly proud of having done my fair share of boosting the crisis-ridden American economy. Speaking of which - I think it must have been a sign of the economic crisis and attempt to make reluctant shoppers open their wallets that almost all retailers offered an "extra discount" (mostly of -20%) on a certain product group, such as already reduced items, or all sweaters, etc. In the Rockefeller Center Banana Republic branch a rather good looking guy had to endlessly repeat his greeting to potential buyers entering the store: "Hi folks, welcome to Banana Republic. I just wanted to let you know that today there's an additional 20% off all sale items."


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