Tuesday, December 16, 2008


  • Last week I met a former colleague from Coma HQ. She had recently been to her native Japan (she's from the island of Hokkaido) and had called to say she had souvenirs (omiyage) for me. Yeah! These are the exotic goodies I got:

big in Japan (onemorehandbag)
  • A foldable tote bag in a little bag (bottom left). She had brought me a similar one before which I love and use frequently.
  • Matcha-flavoured green KitKat
  • My favourite rice-crackers with peanuts (I prefer them with Japanese beans, actually)
  • A textile fan with cherry-blossom design (in the blue carton)
  • An interesting looking relaxing face-mask which apparently gives off steam when you take it out of its wrapper.
Very exciting, all of them and the perfect teaser for my Japan-trip which will hopefully become reality next year.


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