Thursday, January 01, 2009

And If You Live in KLU, You Better Book a Taxi for New Year's Eve 2009 Today...

Last night, I was invited @ the Pampered Princess's KLU residence. My Mum drove me there and the plan was to take a taxi back home. Before leaving home, I wrote down the number of two taxi companies. So far, so naive. When we were all yawning around 2 a.m. and the hosts and other guests mentally calculated the few hours left until their toddlers would wake them up, I decided to call a taxi. The first number was engaged. At the second one, I had to listen to perky music and a recorded message until I finally had a live dispatcher on line. "Could you please send a taxi to XX-Straße", I innocently said. "I would like ten taxis myself", the guy said. "No chance tonight". Ooo-kaaaay. Admittedly, New Year's Eve is a busy night and I had expected other people to leave their cars at home, too, but still. Out came my trusty G1 and I googled "taxi klagenfurt". One man informed me that I should try my luck again after 4 a.m., another, whom I asked if he had an idea whom else I could call assured me that most companies wouldn't even pick up their phones any more because all cars were out and about. A third at least said he could send a car in around an hour. Right. In the end, the completely sober pregnant PP drove me home. I was still optimistic and told her to drive by the central railway station where I was certain to find the usual 10 or so taxis waiting. Not a single one.
My parents couldn't believe it either but then again, they've never tried to call a taxi in KLU on Dec 31. Next year, I suppose I'll just drive myself as usual since not drinking is no sacrifice for me anyway. Or, alternatively, I'll look into my crystal ball and try to determine the exact time in advance when I get tired or the hosts will want to get rid of me.


Blogger Unknown said...

Well, it seems as if DUB and KLU have something in least taxi-wise!

1/06/2009 09:55:00 PM  

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