Wednesday, July 02, 2008

pars pro toto

Just in case you've been entertaining idle thoughts along the lines of "Geez, it's the sales season and my favourite shopaholic hasn't posted anything about bargains. Whatever's wrong with her? Has she renounced material pleasures for good?" Well, dear reader, fret you not, she has indeed done her fair share in boosting the economy, buying quite a few items of clothing she knew she didn't really need, but somehow had to save from their shelves/racks/stacks just because their retail price was reduced. Same old story.
So these 2 pairs of summery wedges from La Redoute (a steal at a mere € 13,90/pair and not technically on sale, but very Hollywood diva anyway, what with the bulk buying...) are symbolic of numerous other purchases:
chic things come in pairs (onemorehandbag)You might want to argue that she abstained from posting about every single shopportunity because (a tiny little) part of her chose to forget about her lavish streak rather than elaborate on it, but that would be the narrow-minded approach.


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